What is Fascia?

Fascia is “an innervated, continuous, functional organ of stability and motion that is formed by 3-dimensional collagen matrices. This emphasizes that fascia is not a passive and merely supporting structure, but rather ‘a dynamic and mutable system” (Swanson 2013). This system manifests as different kinds of connective tissue, forming a continuous tensional network, throughout the micro- and macroscopic levels of body architecture.

It is the inter-connectedness of this tissue system that makes myofascial release, massage and bodywork therapies so holistically effective. Therapy applied in any part of the body affects the whole.

Stimulating Connective Tissue

Many chronic health problems can be reflections of musculoskeletal and visceral (organ) pathology, with the fascial layers running in between, throughout and around, acting as communicative throughways. Traditional medicines believe that superficial and internal conditions are energetically intertwined due to natural connections throughout the body. Myofascial Release stimulates connective tissue, or fascial layers in the body. The fascia is what ties our body together, supports the organs, and fosters communication throughout the body.