Upcoming Seminars

Knee & Ankle: 21-24 March 2019

This exploration is based on Ron’s extensive expertise in American and European Osteopathic Concepts, Embryology, Energetics, Anatomy, Structural Integration, the Berry Method and more.

A detailed journey into the layering & integration of the lower extremity.

  • Intra-osseous restrictions via Embryologic, Traumatic and Stress lines of force
  • Fibula spirals will be explored inter and intra-osseously in dynamic energy storage and shock absorption in the walk cycle
  • The concept of lemniscate in relation to walking cycle mechanics and treatment
  • Lauren Berry’s concept of tissue misplacement and how it relates to Ida Rolfs statement of “Put it in place and call for movement”
  • Detailed look at Knee/Ankle/Fibula mechanics
  • Interosseous membrane details

Ron Murray, DO(MP) Canada

Professor of the Canadian College of Osteopathy

Ron Murray is a teacher in the USA and Canada to structural integrators, massage practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors and others, specializing in smaller classes to ensure that each student gets adequate attention.

Location: 1295 Northern Blvd , Suite 11, Manhasset NY 11030
3 blocks from LIRR Station.

CLASS FEE: Early Bird $760 if paid in full 45 days before class. $860 if paid after 2/4/18. $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. Check made out to Ron Murray and sent to Yasmin Hassim 1295 Northern Blvd, #11, Manhasset NY 11030

CREDITS: 32 Credits NYS and IASI approved , NCBTMB provider #214

CONTACT: Yasmin Hassim (914)522-7513 or yasminhassim@me.com